#hangry? When blood glucose levels drop,

#hangry? When blood glucose levels drop, your brain signals hormones epinephrine + cortisol to release/regulate sugar levels #fightorflight


#hangry? one reason is because low blood

#hangry? one reason is because low blood glucose levels make it hard to concentrate and do simple tasks

Neuropeptide y increases appetite and is

Neuropeptide y increases appetite and is associated with aggressive behaviour. #hangry

#hangry? There is a reason for that. Whe

#hangry? There is a reason for that. When blood nutrient levels are low, your brain releases neuropeptide Y

#Meditation might slow age-related brain

#Meditation might slow age-related brain atrophy. http://ow.ly/Ju1ht

Stand up #paddleboarding is a great spor

Stand up #paddleboarding is a great sport for improving balance, and is usually tolerated by people with back or hip pain.

Using a cane can decrease weight through

Using a cane can decrease weight through the joints by as much as 25%.